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Some of my abstract images are found in this gallery. You will find infrared images, multiple exposures, mandalas also known as kaleidoscopes, mirror images and painterly textures.

These are unsigned open edition, direct-order prints available on choice of papers, metal, acrylic and canvas. Watermark will not be visible on prints. Contact me for information on signed, limited edition prints.
_JLT6820-Edit_JLT6762-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1365-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1732-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1003-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1040-Edit-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1071-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1088-Edit-Edit2021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 10912021.06.12 Cocoan Beach ICM 1126-Edit2021.05.24 ICM 0905-Edit2021.05.24 ICM 08982021.05.24 ICM 0899-EditJapanese Maple ReflectionPoppiesCrabapple Blossoms 2Crabapple Blossoms 1The GuardianHatteras LightUptown Charlotte